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PROPER CHANCE – 3rd Meeting of the project group in Brescia, Italy

In March 2013, the project partners from Germany, Belgium and Italy met for their 3rd transnational meeting in Brescia, Italy.
After 1 ½ years, the project had already produced a set of documents and intermediate results, which were to be discussed and developed further.
The project group focused especially on the aspects of public relations and dissemination, in order to present the project results to a wide target group.

The project partners discussed for example the implementation of extra qualifications in different training programmes in the field of health and social care, which have been transferred between the countries. Another issue was the development and organization of stakeholder trainings – three-day seminars, which are to enable VET teachers, employers and representatives from local authorities to implement the ECVET instruments and principles themselves, taking into account their different targets

The project will be concluded in summer 2013. On this occasion, the project results will be presented at an international conference in Dresden on the 10th of July. More information will shortly be available on the project website We are looking forward to your participation!

Projektgruppe in Brescia 2013

Projektgruppe in Brescia 2013

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