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Almost no other professional field needs well qualified employees at such short notice as the branch of health and social care. However, finding qualified staff gets more and more difficult across Europe.

The project will help to fill in the gap between the provided and the needed qualified staff in the field of health and social care by supporting the implementation of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). Professional permeability and the mobility of workers will be increased by the promotion of transparency and recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications, including non-formal and informal learning. Thus the project will support the provision of good job opportunities for young and less qualified people as well as for immigrants, especially for women.

To accomplish these aims seven institutions from the field of vocational training from Germany Belgium and Italy will work together.
During the 2-year project period from October 2011 till October 2013, they will share previous project results and transfer them into the field of health and social care in the three participating countries.

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