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Final conference

The project "PROPER CHANCE" aims at the support of recognition of learning outcomes of formal, non-formal, and informal learning in the field of health and social care on the basis of the ECVET instruments and principles. In international cooperation of educational institutions from Germany, Belgium and Italy methods and instruments for the description, assessment, recognition, and transfer of learning outcomes have been developed and tested. The project thus supports the mobility of learners and skilled workers in the field of health and social care and helps to close the gap between staff supply and demand.


Sylvia Keusch, AFBB, Germany [ 333 KB]

European educational policies and health concerning the social care sector in Europe
Martin Cocle, AID asbl., Belgium [ 133 KB]

ECVET for the promotion of permeability and mobility: A learner’s pathway
Stefania Feriti, Cooperativa Tempo Libero, Italy [ 4,3 MB]

How to describe and compare learning outcomes?
Sylvia Keusch, AFBB, Germany [ 684 KB]

The ECVET tools to support mobility and permeability in health and social care
Sylvia Keusch, AFBB, Germany [ 142 KB]

Report of the external evaluator of the project
Karsten König, FHD, Germany [ 555 KB]

The development of ECVET in Germany - Overview and state of the art
Hartmut Schäfer, German ECVET Team Member, Germany [ 595 KB]

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